5. Treat every belle as you would want your own mother or daughter to be treated.

4. Be humble and gracious even though you come from old money.

3. Be confident in all you do. Be a leader in all situations.

2. Strive for excellence in and everything and be willing to work for it.



5. A belle can pay for her own food and is capable of opening her own door but she should never have to.

4. Always pay attention to a belle’s name. However, if you can’t remember it, “ma’am” or “darlin” is the best option.

3. Never cuss at a lady no matter who much you’ve had to drink.



5. A gentleman knows the importance of dressing well. He always looks his best and always knows the rules of classic men’s fashion. (Think Brooks Brothers.)

4. Be able to keep company with kings and peasants. You must be able to hold yourself in the most formal as well as the most casual of…



This day in history:

Minutes before giving a speech on a campaign stop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Theodore Roosevelt is shot in an assassination attempt.  

The would-be assassin’s bullet is slowed down after travelling through a steel eyeglass case and the folded, fifty page speech he intended to give, stopping in his chest.  Realizing that he wasn’t coughing up blood, Roosevelt figured he was well enough to go ahead and deliver his speech rather than rush to the hospital.

He spoke for the next 90 minutes, opening with the words:

Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot; but it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose.”

Doctors deemed it too risky to remove the bullet, and Roosevelt carried it with him inside his body for the rest of his life.

October 14, 1912 - 99 years ago today. 

this is why TR would beat any other president in a fight js


get out of there cat. that bed is not for you. why would i buy you patterned sheets? i wouldn’t. that’s crazy talk cat.


get out of there cat. that bed is not for you. why would i buy you patterned sheets? i wouldn’t. that’s crazy talk cat.

Things that are not ok


Do not catch up, visit or chatt.

Get your copies made and LEAVE.

I am trying to work!!! 

This is not ok.

This video for Recruitment has a few issues with it.

1. Saying “girls”, the correct term is women. If you are 18 then you should be called a woman. When you call a female a woman instead of a girl you expect maturity from her.

2. Pictures of sisters with solo cups. Never, never, never have alcohol in Recruitment.  Don’t have it in conversations or in pictures. It is not a good representation of your sisterhood. Solo cups in the hands of a college student makes people assume there is alcohol in it. Also the women holding the cups are in bikinis. Do not give off a party chapter vibe in your Recruitment videos. This video especially seems to focus on the closeness of the sisters and not the good time image; and the solo cup picture is confusing.

3.  They almost elude to hazing. I am sure these women do not haze but it sure sounds like they do. When they speak of their new member activities that are secret and  only open to new members it sounds like hazing. Things done in private, only for new members…shady. 

4.   When the Philanthropy Chair speaks they have “Last Friday Night” by Katy Perry playing in the background. You can clearly hear the lyric “there’s a stranger in my bed…” This is the image you want to convey when speaking about your National Philanthropy? (Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and Sharsharet, an organization that helps young Jewish women who have breast cancer.) When you speak of your service you need to appear; passionate about the cause, authentically interested and most of all professional. 

5. There are B’s you never talk about in Recruitment. One of the B’s is boys. When you are at a house you are there to learn about the sisters and the sisters to learn about you. Do not bring up boys. You are an intelligent woman who has many interests and boys should not be one that you choose to discuss with the sisters. In this video they spend a portion of the time talking about their Phi Guy. He really should have no place in your Recruitment. Some NPC Sororities have even ruled against chapters having male sweethearts. I personally think that they should not have made this a section in their Recruitment video, especially before they have a section on scholarship.  However I do think their week of competition is creative and the Phi Guy looks so excited when he is announced the winner. It is very sweet, but really should not be included in the video. All NPC Sororities have been told to not have men involved in Recruitment in anyway, it challenges our Title IX exemption.   

6. The Big/Little section is very heartfelt and sweet. That was a very nice touch.

7. Musical Video…are you kidding me? Rush and Fratstars? You are using highly outdated and incorrect Greek Grammar…It is Recruitment not Rush, you are playing into Greek stereotypes. Finally they say something about Scholarship…once again it come second to IMs. 

8. Good Luck in Recruitment Ladies, but given your confusing video that clearly does not align with your core values you might receive some new members who have no idea what AEPhi actually stands for. 

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Monserrate Palace, Lisbon, Portugal
(by Nuno M. Ribeiro)


Monserrate Palace, Lisbon, Portugal

(by Nuno M. Ribeiro)

(via melp-e)